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Extreme giant hands have been found in Egypt

A team excavating in Egypt, has discovered evidence of giant type people who existed during some point in our timeline.This discovery is simply remarkable, as it changes history rather dramatically.

These dismembered hands, were scattered around this area. In particular, a pit was discovered where no bodies were found, but a number of these unusually large sized hands, were found in this specific spot. Some of the hands discovered, were larger than others by comparison.

It is believed, that these enormous hands, are from the adults males who lived here. Did the Egyptians cover up some of our past history? Or, perhaps another culture, place and time changed the outcome for our modern day times. The team who found this discovery were excavating a 3,600-year-old palace in the once-great city of Avaris, Egypt.

During ancient times, many cultures would punish people who stole things by severing their hands. It is assumed that these hands belong to giant-sized thieves. There were four separate bins found within the palace of King Khayan of the Hyksos.

These were an ancient West Asian people, who once ruled over some territories located in the Northern part of Egypt. Specifically, there were 2 bins found in the outer area of the palace and the other 2 were located just outside of the throne room area. Because of this, it is believed the giant hands were linked to some kind of ceremonial relevance.

Often Egyptian drawings and art, depicts large sized humans living in the lands of Egypt. While it is difficult to scale exactly just how large they were – there is now physical evidence…that they actually existed. It would be interesting to get the exact size of these over-sized hands.

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