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5 Creepy Awesome paranormal encounters

There are some experiences that linger with us in life. Sometimes these experiences Effect our very souls. Readers sometimes share their Creepy stories and some of them truly are fascinating to read. The following are 20 different stories, that might just keep you awake at night. Some of them are downright spooky, while others seriously strange. I am really thought this stories create strike in your mind.

1.  I am Stunned,  What is that in the middle of the road?

While their friend was out driving one evening in a remote back country road, they weren’t wearing their eyeglasses. This is God’s country in countryside of Maine. Many trees stretched as far as the eye could see. This person’s friend fell into a daze and as they continued down the road, they noticed something ahead on the road. They couldn’t quite make out the details from the distance, so they moved closer towards it.

At first, they thought it was a small baby but couldn’t believe it at first. As they approached closer driving their truck it surely seemed real. They then got out of their truck and wandered over towards the baby. As they got closer, the baby seemed to move. Looking carefully, they then noticed this baby being pulled by a string. It then dawned on them, this isn’t a real baby but a baby doll being dragged slowly with a string. Their heart dropped, as they were seriously scared. Immediately, they got the hell out of there!

2. Amzing Mysterious room behind the mirror

A number of years went by, as my mother had a often disturbing recurring nightmare. You must understand, there is a mirror at the end of the room where my parents bedroom is. This particular mirror, faces towards my parent’s bed. It seems unreal, but the mirror itself would at times turn transparent. After this, a man would suddenly appear behind it. One day, while redecorating, my parents removed the mirror out from behind the wall. To their surprise, they found a hole behind it. Inside of this opening, was a small empty room which eerily lead to nowhere. They are still freaked out about this today.

3. Voices from the backseat

My girlfriend and I were out driving during the late night hours of Waco, Texas. There didn’t seem to be anyone around as the roads all appeared to be deserted. It was quite that night, no cars around either. Everything seemed fairly normal, until we noticed someone standing on the corner. I then heard a man’s voice whisper to me “You’re going the wrong way.” Oddly enough, I was driving the wrong way. I decided to do turn around making a U-turn. After this, the road took me towards the main highway. My girlfriend looked over at me and I then asked her if she heard the voice too? She was scared and then burst into tears saying that she heard the voice as well! My girlfriend wondered if she was starting to go insane. We both thought we were!

4. Little girl in the well

While I couldn’t believe her at first, my wife told me about what happened to her when she was just six years old. One day, she fell into a deep well, by an old farmhouse where she grew up. It was almost impossible for her to have climbed out, as she was small and just a little girl at the time. Of course she was scared and didn’t know what to do.

While overwhelmed, she recalls hearing a girl’s voice telling her not to worry. The same voice, that she heard told her to look for larger stones that were pushed out just enough for her to grab ahold of. The voice once again told her to climb and be brave. Incredibly, she made it out by herself or did she? As it turns out, she told her mother about what happened. She learned that years ago, another little girl had drowned in this very same well.

5. Why did I enter that old house?

Several years ago, I was out for a jog with my dog. We were wandering around some fields behind where I live. As my dog and I continued to explore together, we came upon what appeared to be an abandoned home. It was large, perhaps considered an old mansion. From what I learned about it, this place had been abandoned for around twenty years.

There was a wealthy guy who owned the place, but lost his money…so a bank took it over. Anyway, I decided to take a look around. Whatever had happened, it looked like someone had left the place in a hurry. It was pretty cleared out, there wasn’t much furniture or much of anything left behind. When I returned home, I took a shower.

After this, I went to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. To my surprise, I looked down and noticed a note on the table and this is what it read: “You come into my house, I come into your house.” Immediately, I was freaked out about this. I went and got my dog and got out of the house. After contacting the police about this, they told me likely it wasn’t anything to worry about. They insisted it was a squatter who had followed me home. I thought to myself, I didn’t remember seeing anyone around when I came back. Was this the work of a ghost or some kind of prank? I will never again go back to that old house again!

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