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'Narcissist' bird spends hours staring at own reflection in Australia

'Narcissist' bird spends hours staring at own reflection in Australia

 A bush stone-curlew bird that spent hours staring at its own reflection in an Australian building is a viral star thanks to a video and sign made by an expert.

The bush stone-curlew became the subject of fascination online when Ben Carey posted a video to Instagram showing the bird standing on the ground, transfixed with its own reflection in a window of the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

"This is an art house film called 'The Narcissist,'" Carey joked.

Caitlin Raynor, a wildlife expert and volunteer with Wildcare Australia, posted a sign above the bird that quickly went viral on Reddit.

"I'm a bush stone-curlew," the note reads. "I'm fine. I just like to stare at myself in the window."

Raynor said the birds are known to be mesmerized with their own images because they aren't normally out during the day.

"They're primarily nocturnal so they're not used to seeing their reflection," she told the BBC. "They're not being aggressive. They're just fascinated with the 'other bird' in the reflection."

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